Our team

Our small team consists of experienced architectural designers and technicians who pride themselves on strong project development, starting with a free on-site meeting followed up with a complete service from preliminary design to completion.

Kent Roper Architect


Head Designer / Director

 Escaping into his vivid imagination got Kent through his early working years.

He became passionate about housing; owning, and flipping many beachside homes during his 20s, even designing his first home before completing his Architecture degree in his 30s.

Kent has been able to draw on his passion for both historic and modern architecture and his diverse life experience in his designs and client relationships.

Kent loves his family and the beach; in summer you can often find him making sandcastles with his girls. His other passions are music and playing tennis.

  • Leadership
  • Drive
  • Construction Savvy
  • Creative
Ilaria Architect


Senior Architectural Designer / Technician

BAS. M.Arch. 

Ilaria studied Architecture in Milan and immediately after graduating moved to New Zealand. Here she has been applying her explosive creativity to several projects, both residential and commercial. Ilaria is very involved in her work, and brings enthusiastic Italian passion to the team and projects she works on. She loves to create bespoke spaces based on the personality of the client. A consummate creative, Ilaria loves crafting of all sorts, from painting and furniture-upcycling to sewing, cooking… you name it. When not being creative she loves to be surrounded by nature, stimulating her inner wild child through camping, hiking and rock climbing.

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Passion for People & Projects
Josh Collins


Architectural Designer/Technician


Josh has studied at Ara Institute of Canterbury completing the Bachelor of Architectural studies degree. Since, he has spent time at Sheppard and Rout architects and various other studios working on bespoke residential architecture.

Josh naturally drifted into the path of architecture coming from a strong graphical arts and practical trades background. He is driven to effectively combine his creativity, theoretical design principles, and practical construction knowledge to create spaces that will invoke change and inspire peoples and communities. In Josh’s free time he can be seen surfing, painting, or using various other mediums to create.

  • Creativity
  • Left Brain | Right Brain
Elias Marechal

Elias Marechal

Junior Architectural Technician


Elias became fascinated with design through his father – a deep well of knowledge with particular interest in furniture and product design. It was only when discovering books on Modernist giants like Mies van der Rohe and Richard Neutra that he resolved himself to architecture. 

Before pursuing the Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Elias completed the Diploma in Interior Design. Fulfilling both courses has provided him with a unique design philosophy.

 Outside of the studio, Elias can be found getting amongst the surf and hiking through our country’s scenic landscapes.

Jolene Parker at ADQ


Business Development Manager


Jolene brings a different perspective to the ADQ team drawing on her experience in small business within the Hair & Makeup and Music industries. Jolene is a dynamic force, a hands-on Mama and a passionate lover of music, fashion, art and design. As Kent’s wife she supports his architectural talent and creativity by taking charge of admin, enabling Kent to focus on making awesome homes for his clients.

  • Negotiator
  • Organiser
  • Relationship Builder